Better World Club provides 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for cars and bicycles in all 50 States, plus we cover Canada. It doesn’t matter where you are, what car you’re in, or who is doing the driving. If you get stuck and need help, we will be there.

What Sets Better World Club Apart? Welcome to an auto club that shares your values. Same great service as the other guys, we’re just better for the world. Our roadside services are 100% carbon neutral, we donate to environmental causes, and advocate for sustainable transportation policy.


A Bicycle Roadside Assistance When Bundled With an Auto Membership is $17.00 per Year. A Bicycle Only Membership is $39.95 per Year, and Does Not Include Coverage for Your Automobile or Motorcycle.

Eligible Vehicles:
All Vehicles Under 1-Ton Class | 1 Ton(+) Requires RV Coverage

All Foot-powered Bikes | Recumbent | Tandem | Unicycles | Cargo Bikes (noncommercial) | Electric Bicycles

Motorcycles | Scooters 50cc or Larger

Recreational Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles | Cab-over Campers | 5th Wheels | Tent Trailers | Recreation Trailers | Camping Trailers | Other Trailers | Empty Horse Trailers

ATVs are NOT covered

Important Service Exclusions:

  • You must be present with the disabled vehicle when a service provider arrives to render service.
  • BWC cannot provide service to unattended vehicles.
  • BWC does NOT provide same-day coverage. Coverage begins 3 business days from the time you enroll. BWC does not cover anything that occurs prior to the membership activation date.
  • You must be a named primary or associate member on an active membership to utilize club benefits.
  • Our program is designed to sustainably assist members whose vehicles are disabled as a result of circumstances. We are not a substitute for proper vehicle maintenance and repair.


Other Things You Should Know:

  • BWC is NOT part of the Highway Lobby — the conglomerate of the automobile, oil, tire, and cement interests that advocates for more roads and against the development of infrastructure and safety protections for other modes of transportation, including mass transit, bicycling, and walking. AAA is part of the Highway Lobby
  • BWC is a certified B Corporation
  • BWC supports efforts to regulate automobile emissions as we face the challenges of Climate Change
  • BWC supports the funding and development of bike lanes. AAA has fought against bike lanes and public transit funding.
  • BWC supports the use of highway tax dollars used to fund mass transit development and maintenance.
  • BWC supports broad enforcement of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.
  • BWC Donates 1% of our yearly revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy.
  • BWC created the first and only 24/7 nationwide bicycle roadside assistance program available directly to consumers.
  • BWC maintains a carbon-neutral headquarters and fleet service program.
  • BWC stands against Corporate Personhood. We are a company of individuals, well-caffeinated from the finest, sustainably-farmed coffee grounds, roasted locally and delivered by bicycle courier.


Each covered member is entitled to four service calls per year.

*Our $15 sign-up fee is easily waived for new members who are switching from AAA.

AAA is a registered trademark of the American Automobile Association. There are over 80 regional AAA clubs. Each regional AAA club sets its own rates, policies and services. AAA rates on this page do not include promotions or other price discounts. Price ranges and services listed are representative and not necessarily complete. Check with your local AAA club for specific rates, policies and services. AAA Plus is not available in certain regions to new members.