What We Do For You?


Emergency Service 24/7
Anywhere in the United States or Canada, if you need a tow, a lockout, gas, have a flat tire, dead battery, or simply stuck, Better World Club is there. Unless you make other arrangements with the dispatcher, you must be with your vehicle when a service provider arrives—it’s a service provider requirement.

We cover the individual and not the vehicle. You must be a named driver to be eligible for service. Members are entitled to 4 service calls per membership year.

Reimbursement Requests
Snail or E-mail us requests for reimbursement (they must be in writing) within 90 days of service. Claim request forms can be found You may also request one by phone or email.

Please fill out the form in full. Receipts must be dated with service provider contact information clearly visible. Keep copies for your own records. We reserve the right to deny submissions that do not comply with these rules. Send to:
Better World Club
412 NW Couch St, Suite #100 Portland, OR 97209
Fax requests to 1-866-248-1117

Additional Services
Trip Interruption
If you’re more than 100 miles from home and are in a collision that renders your car unsafe to drive, Better World Club will reimburse you for certain expenses, up to $750 for Basic Members, $1500 for Premium members, per membership year.
You must submit a police report with your reimbursement request along with receipts for losses accrued up to 48 hours after the incident and purchased within the vicinity of the accident. Items that are eligible for reimbursement are car rentals, taxis, train or airplane tickets, meals, and lodging. Pre-arranged reservations are not eligible.

Legal Defense
If you must appear in court as a result of a traffic violation, you will be reimbursed for certain attorney’s fees (other than yourself or a family member). Fines and forfeitures, commission of a felony, driving without a valid permit, or driving under the influence are excluded. Maximum benefit $75 per incident, maximum 2 per membership year.

What We Do For Each Other
Good Carma Program
BWC members can earn points for various actions like renewing a membership, referring a new member, or using our booking engines. Points can be redeemed for rewards like free memberships and more! See online for full details.

You will also receive our eNewslettes Kicking Asphalt . Kicking Asphalt provides Better World Club members with the latest news on Club benefits, AAA, bicycle, and car news and tips, consumer information, and more.

1% Donation and Carbon Offsets
Better World Club donates 1% of gross annual revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy. A key portion of donations goes to projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thereby offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions of the automobiles of our auto insurance clients. These donations are called carbon offsets or carbon credits.
Better World Club also offsets the carbon footprint of our towing providers. We calculate the approximate CO2 output based on the length of each individual tow.
Online Resources
Save up to 50% on your travel plans!
Receive our member’s only discounts on car rental rates, hotels, cruises, and other travel packages. Login to the BWC Member Site to gain access to one of two different discount travel providers.

Better World Club offers discounts at most major hotel chains nationwide through our discount partner ACCESS. Reservations must be made in advance. Login to the Member Site to browse all available discounts and book your savings!

If you cannot find what you are looking for there, try Enrollment is free to Better World Club members. Click on the link found on the Member Site. You will need to set up an account with them using your email address as we do not share that information with them.

BWC carries State, Regional, Provincial, and most major city maps of the US and Canada. Members are limited to 10 free maps per membership year. Please check our website for a list of available maps.

To order maps, visit our website and fill out the order form at the Member Site: Or, call customer service at 1.866.238.1137. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

In some cases, we may be able to expedite your order. There will be a $5 minimum fee for rush orders, which must be paid by phone.

Trip Routing and Driving Directions
We can provide you with detailed driving directions for your next road trip. We will send you the routing via email unless a hard copy is requested. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Contact Us
Better World Club
412 NW Couch St. Suite #100 Portland, OR 97209
Member Services:
Toll Free: 866-238-1137 Fax: 1-866-248-1117

24/7 Roadside Assistance Numbers
Auto/ Motorcycle/ RV 1-888-732-1427
Bicycles Only 1-866-732-1427You know all about your insurance company’s funny TV commercials, and their little warm and fuzzy mascots but do you know where they invest your money? What about the causes they contribute to? Or their government lobbying efforts? At Better World Insurance we’re completely transparent about those issues. Why? Because we value your values. In fact, we share them.

We offer a full auto insurance program directly through the Better World Club for individuals living in AZ, CA, CT, MA, NH, OR, and WA.
We can also help you find Pay As You Drive or Non-Owner Liability Coverage available to you. Better World Club Insurance offers you a selection of insurance choices that fit your needs and your budget.

When you purchase a policy through Better World Club Insurance, we will offset your car’s first ton of greenhouse gas emissions for free. You can also purchase additional carbon offsets for your travel and home energy use! And we will include free basic roadside assistance plans just like the other guys!

Do you hate insurance or just the people who sell it?
Don’t worry, we don’t take it personally. Oh, you meant for us to take it personally? OK, let’s be constructive: we figured if we remain independent, offer excellent service, and offset your automobile’s greenhouse gas emissions for the next year, what’s not to like?

Why we’re different
We only want you to buy exactly what you need and we want you to be as knowledgeable as you can be when you make your purchases.
We are an independent insurance agency.
We do not work for an insurance company; we work for you. We are your advocate when you have a loss and follow through to see that you get fair, prompt payment.
We represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies. We place your policy with the company offering the best coverage at a competitive price. Even though all auto insurance policies may appear the same, not all are created equal.
We offer discounts for airbags, anti-lock brakes, and other safety devices.

We need your help
Our insurance program is under development. So while we don’t want to lose you as our customer, we also don’t want your expectations to be unrealistic. Insurance pricing varies widely by state, as well as by the desire of various companies for certain kinds of drivers (old vs. young, single vs. married, good driving record vs. poor driving record). As a result, no one underwriter services every customer adequately: rather, we want to offer a roster of underwriters to serve each region and niche competitively. We need your information to help us build this roster. It will ultimately enable us to build a program with excellent service for all of our clients and members.

We are the only insurance company for motor vehicles that offsets your greenhouse gas emissions for free!
Whether you like it or not, your car is contributing to global warming to the tune of about 10 tons (or more) of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in a typical year. We’re happy to calculate your car’s total greenhouse gas emissions if you are interested in offsetting your contribution to global warming beyond the first ton at the rate of $11.00 per ton.

Non-owner liability insurance
Even when you’re behind the wheel of your friend’s car or truck rental, you should have liability coverage in case you are the cause of an accident. What exactly does Non-Owner Liability Insurance Cover?
Bodily Injury: Covers the medical costs of the other driver and passengers involved in an accident caused by your negligence. It even covers you while you’re walking or on your bike!
Property Damage: Covers the repair costs of the other car or cars involved in an accident caused by your negligence.

Because it’s liability insurance, you are covering damage to others and their property. This means if your mistake causes a car accident, your non-owner liability coverage will pay the other driver’s medical and vehicle repair costs (up to the policy’s limits, of course). It does not, however, repair the damages for the rented or borrowed vehicle you’re driving.

Vehicles covered under non-owner liability
Non-owner liability insurance covers all rental cars and borrowed vehicles driven by you and only you. With this protection, you do not need to buy rental car insurance when renting a car — you are covered.

Non-owner liability does NOT protect:
Any vehicle registered under your name.
Any vehicle titled to you.
Work-related vehicles.
Non-private passenger type vehicles.
Any vehicle owned by a resident of your household; e.g., your son or daughter’s car.
Any vehicle that’s loaned to you on a regular basis.

If you buy a vehicle while carrying non-owner liability coverage, you will need to upgrade your insurance to meet your state’s mandated liability insurance requirements.

Travel insurance
You want to travel! You want to take off and explore big cities, adventure into national parks, relax on a beach, or engage cultures around the world. Maybe you even want to volunteer. You also want to know that you can change insurance plans, or hunker down, in case of a disaster abroad or domestic emergency. Life is exciting. Life happens. Travel insurance covers both.

Our Travel Protection plans are brokered through World Travel, a partner and sustainable travel company that also provides personal travel booking for an affordable fee.

Travel insurance covers non-refundable travel expenses due to cancelation and trip interruptions and can cover medical expenses not covered by your insurance, lost baggage items, and other unexpected travel-related expenses. Travel is one of life’s great joys. Book your travel plans, and protect your travel investment with Travel Insurance.

Other programs that we can help with
Renters Insurance
Rental Car Insurance
Pet Insurance

To get your free insurance quote call toll-free: 1.888.299.2993. If you’re in Massachusetts please call 617-876-5300.

Or you can also fill out our application online by clicking here